The Calcasieu Parish Communications District has developed a program designed to monitor professional conduct and ensure the overall integrity of the agency is upheld to the highest standard of professionalism.

The Organizational Integrity program allows the community to voice their opinion concerning the manner in which your call was handled.

Complaint and Commendation Forms

The Calcasieu Parish Communications District is committed to providing the highest quality of public service to the community. In order to be responsive to community needs, it is necessary to have citizen input. Complaints or suggestions received by the agency will be screened to determine if it is a complaint against an employee (violation of rules and regulations) or a recommendation for improvement for the department at large (process improvement). Commendations received by the agency will be processed and forwarded to the individual in recognition of their service.

The Assistant Director will review and investigate all complaints made to the agency. All complaints will be investigated thoroughly to ensure integrity and protect the reputation of the Calcasieu Parish Communications District. Allegations of criminal misconduct will be investigated by the proper law enforcement entity and will be conducted separately from the Organizational integrity investigation.

All information relating to an investigation is confidential. The Assistant Director will take every measure to ensure the complainant is informed of the status of their complaint.

All Organizational Integrity investigations will normally be completed within (15) fifteen working days. Additional time may be required due to the complexity of the complaint.

Upon conclusion of each investigation, the Assistant Director will present the final conclusion of fact. The conclusion will be provided to the employee and the complainant. The conclusion will be classified as either:

Unfounded – Allegation is false or not factual
Exonerated – Incident complained of occurred but was lawful and proper
Inconclusive – Insufficient evidence either to prove or disprove the allegation(s)
Sustained – The allegation is supported by sufficient evidence and/or acts of misconduct were discovered during the investigation, which were not alleged in the complaint.

The Calcasieu Parish Communications District is committed to the prevention, preparedness and protection of our institutions and community. If you had a positive experience involving any member of our agency and you would like to share with us, please fill out the form. We would love to hear from you! Your commendation of exceptional service provides the individuals that you acknowledge with a greater sense of pride, which increases morale and motivation.